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Emotional Balance Kit


Emotional Balance Kit


This kit is perfect to promote emotional balance and well-being. St. John’s Wort is a traditional remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression, and has been used for centuries to uplift the emotions and bring oneself from dark to light. Can be used daily as prevention, or as a rescue-remedy for stress, panic attacks, and big life challenges that require emotional support. Lavender Chamomile Extract is perfect to calm the nervous system in high times of stress and tension, and can be used in unison with St. John’s Wort for daily prevention, as a rescue-remedy when needed, and before bed to promote a restful nights sleep. Our Grounding and Relaxation Essential Oil Roll-ons are perfect for in your purse, in the office, and on the go to uplift the spirits, reduce stress and anxiety, and ease muscle tension.

Each Kit Includes~

-St. John’s Wort Extract

-Lavender Chamomile Extract

-Grounding Essential Oil Roll-on

-Relaxation Essential Oil Roll-on

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