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Moontime Magic Kit


Moontime Magic Kit


This kit is the perfect moontime companion to deeply nourish your system and stay balanced during your cycle. Maca root extract is high in vitamins and minerals, fights fatigue and gives you natural energy, and best of all- is effective for balancing hormones and regulating your cycle. Red Raspberry extract tonifies, strengthens, and nourishes the female reproductive system, is high in vitamins and minerals, and is effective in regulating your cycle and reducing symptoms of PMS like bloating, cramps, tenderness, and fatigue. Our Herbal Iron formula will give you strength and energy during your flow. This blend of herbs is highly supportive to the liver, and delivers highly absorbable iron, vitamins, and minerals- adding essential nutrients that are often depleted during your cycle. Our Grounding Essential Oil Roll-on is the perfect way to de-stress and keep grounded during your flow- its earthy, sweet scent will help relieve anxiety and tension, and relax a frazzled nervous system without making you feel tired.

Each kit includes~

-Maca Root Extract

-Red Raspberry Leaf Extract

-Herbal Iron Extract

-Grounding Essential Oil Roll-on

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