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Chaga Mushroom: Minnesota's Medicinal Treasure


June 7th 2019 @ Ely Folk School Ely, MN

2-4 pm

June 13th 2019 @ Natural Harvest Co-op- Virginia, MN

5:30-7:30 pm


Join herbalist Allie Austin for this in depth class about all things Chaga! 

Did you know, growing on our birch trees is one of the most powerfully medicinal mushrooms in the world? Chaga has been highly studied and is proven to kill cancer cells, shrink tumors, increase the body's ability to respond and adapt to stress, and has a multitude of other benefits. In this class, we will learn how to identify, harvest, and utilize this medicinal powerhouse for both internal and external use. We will make some chaga remedies in class, learn to make a chaga tincture, and students will each go home with their own informational chaga guide, including a recipe booklet with numerous, creative ways to use Minnesota's most treasured fungi.  


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Medicinal Plants Foraging Tours


    Join Herbalist Allison Austin on a 2 hour foraging tour through the Northwoods! In this tour you will learn local medicinal plant identification, proper harvesting, drying, and storing techniques for optimal shelf life, and how to turn your harvest into some basic and easy-to-prepare herbal remedies that you can make in your own home. 

Cost: $75 for one person, $50 each for 2-4 people

Discounts for group rates of 5 or more



To schedule a tour/class, contact

Allison 218-290-2409