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Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is named so because Achilles was said to have used the plant to stop his soldiers wounds from bleeding. Yarrow has the ability to stop bleeding both internally and externally. One of its common names is “nose-bleed,” because of its historical use for stopping a bleeding nose.

Yarrow can be found nearly all over the world. In North America, find it in sunny spots, meadows, and roadsides. You will even find it in city lots where it’s creamy pink or white flowers bloom from June to November.

The entire stalk of yarrow can be gathered, and bundled toward the bottom ends to hang and dry for later use. Yarrow is predominantly bitter with a hint of warming spice. Because it is bitter, mixologists use yarrow to create a brightly flavored cocktail bitter, and has been known to brewers as a classic bitter brewing herb. Its flowering tops are excellent to use in salves and any topical first aid recipe for its skin healing properties. It is also great to be made into teas or tinctures to reduce fevers and boost the immune system.

Yarrow: Fever Reducer
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